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How to play Tiki Island

With a Pacific Island theme, Tiki Island is a little slice of slot machine paradise! Five reels can hit any one of up to twenty win lines.

There are two juicy bonus games to access including cheeky Tiki's Nuts, where you can't be shy if you're gonna knock those coconuts off their blocks, and the Puffer Fish bonus where you'll be popping the puffers for cash! So get your passport packed and take a trip to exciting Tiki Island!

Slots are easy to learn and they're an exciting way to win big. If you follow our simple step by step guide, you'll be spinning for joy before you know it!


Win lines 20
Reels 5
Top Payout 10,000 x Coin size
Special Features 2 x Bonus Games
Special Symbols Scatter, Wild & Bonus Symbols
Free Spins No
Auto play Yes

Coin Size:

First, you select the coin size - this will control the amount you wager on each line. The coin size is important because the amount you win is based on a multiple of your coin size - the larger the coin size, the more you could win. Simply click on the + or - buttons beside the coin size to choose.

Win Lines:

You can select the number of lines you want to bet on. Lines are coloured and appear across the reels. You can bet on up to 20 win lines with Tiki Island. The more win lines you pick the more expensive each spin but the better your chances of winning on any individual spin.

There are three ways to pick how many lines you want to play:

  • Click BET ONE to add another line. If you click past the maximum it will return to one.
  • Click on the coloured numbers at the side of the reels.
  • Click BET MAX to select the max lines and automatically start the reels spinning.

Betting on a lot of lines increases your chance of winning on any individual spin, though it won't affect the payout which is based on the coin size you have chosen.

Puffer Fish Bonus Game:

3 Yellow Puffer fish on any pay line will start the 'Puffer Fish' bonus game which takes you under the sea to find big money. In each round you're presented with 3 Puffer Fish of 3 different colours. Simply click on a fish to release a shower of coins. If your selected fish doesn't contain any coins the round ends and you return to Tiki Island.

Tiki's Nuts Bonus Game:

3 Coconut symbols on any win line starts the Tiki's Nuts Bonus Game. The coconuts are displayed in a shy and you have to click on the nuts, to split them open and collect your payout! If a coconut doesn't contain a payout the round is over and you return to Tiki Island.

Scatter Symbols:

Scatter Symbols can pop up anywhere and will pay you a Win Multiplier based on the following:

Symbols Win Multiplier
3 x5
4 x25
5 x100

Wild Symbols:

The Wild Symbol can substitute for any symbol except scatter and bonus symbols. 5 Wild Symbols on a single pay line will award the highest payout in the game - a gorgeous 10,000 x coin size!

Auto play:

This feature allows you to select the number of spins you want the slot to make automatically. You can use the Stop Button anytime, so you're always in control. To activate Auto play, simply spin the reels with your desired number of lines - so if you want to Bet Max make sure you Bet Max in the spin before you activate Auto play. Then, select Auto from the game controls and choose the number of spins you desire.

You can customize Auto play further by clicking on the Advanced Options tab:

  • 'If single win exceeds' will stop Auto play if you win above a certain amount on one spin
  • 'If balance goes above' will stop Auto play if your total account balance goes above a set amount
  • 'If balance goes under' will stop Auto play if your total account balance goes below a set amount
  • 'On any win' will stop Auto play every time you win

Formal Game Rules:

TIKI ISLAND is a five reel, twenty line slot with two bonus games.

The active coin size is shown in the bottom left of the play screen and may be adjusted using the + and - buttons. You may bet up to twenty lines on each spin by using BET ONE to change the number of lines or pressing BET MAX to bet the maximum number of lines.

The game is commenced by pressing SPIN or BET MAX (or by using the AUTO PLAY facility) and this action being registered on our servers. This will cause the bet indicated on screen to be placed. Once the game has been commenced the game cannot be discontinued and the bet amount will be deducted from your account.

Each spin is completely random and independent. It is not affected by previous spins, or the start position of the reels. Each reel is independent and is not affected by any other reel.

Winnings are paid in accordance with the pay table. The amounts shown in the pay table are coin multipliers not currency amounts and multiply the active coin size. Wins are scored from left to right starting on the leftmost reel. Wins are paid only on lines for which a bet has been made. Only one win, the highest win, is awarded on any single pay line. Wins on separate win lines are added.

The 'Tiki Island' symbol is wild and may substitute for any other symbol except Scatter and bonus game symbols. If three or more Scatter symbols appear this is a scatter win and you will be awarded a win in accordance with the pay table. The amount shown is a coin multiplier that multiplies the total bet for that spin.

If three "Puffer Fish" symbols appear on any pay line you are eligible for entry to the "Puffer Fish" bonus game and the bonus game will automatically commence.

If three "Coconut" symbols appear on any pay line you are eligible for entry to the "Tiki's Nuts" bonus game and the bonus game will automatically commence.

The bonus games each provide a guaranteed chance of winning a cash prize. Wins shown in the bonus games are coin multipliers not currency amounts and multiply the active coin size. At the end of a bonus game the win is multiplied by the number of valid win lines on which the bonus symbols fell to initiate the bonus game.

This game is played over the Internet which is a communication medium that is known to be imperfect. Messages to or from your display device and the game servers may be lost or interrupted. If you have not commenced the game when you are disconnected, the game will not take place. If you have commenced the game when you are disconnected the game result will be recorded on the game servers and the bet will stand and the outcome will be reflected in your account status.

In the event of disconnection the records stored on the game server shall be the final authority in determining the terms of any bets you have placed and the circumstances in which they were made.

AUTO PLAY FACILITY: Once you press AUTO the spins will start in accordance with the settings you have specified. Once commenced, the spins can only be stopped by pressing the STOP button. Pressing the STOP button will prevent further automatic spins from taking place. The outcome of any spins prior to pressing the STOP button including any spin in progress at the time you press the STOP button cannot be reversed.

"Malfunction voids all pays and plays" - in other words your bet and any outcome are void in the event of a malfunction.

In the event that these Formal Game Rules contradict other information about the game these Formal Game Rules shall take precedence. These Game Rules do not take precedence over the main Service Terms and Conditions.

Credits: The TIKI ISLAND game is an original Gamesys development. Copyright Gamesys Ltd, All Rights Reserved.

Return to Player (RTP):

RTP: The expected RTP is 96.29%

The outcome of all games are determined by an industry certified and tested Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure fair play and honest payouts.

Our RNG is a computational device which generates a sequence of numbers that lack any pattern, i.e. appear random.

The expected payback reflects the theoretical return across a big amount of plays on Caesars Casino by numerous players over an extended period of time.

The long-term predicted return for this game is an expected payback of 96.29%. The results for a player over a playing session can range widely from the long-term expected average in either direction. The fewer the amount of games played, the wider the normal variance of real payback that may result for the player.

The expected payback value is also depends upon correct player choices for any games on Caesars Casino, which involve main game and/or bonus game play strategy.