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How to play Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker is our first Casino game to offer a Game Jackpot - which means your winnings could be huge! This is a quick fire version of Poker that allows you to win by holding a winning hand or by placing a Bonus Bet so you could find yourself to take a share of the Game Jackpot.

How to Play:

You and the dealer are dealt 5 cards, with the dealer's last card being dealt face up. If you've placed a Bonus Bet, you'll automatically be paid out against it at this point. Next you can choose whether to Fold or Raise with the hand you've got. If you choose to Raise, your raise doubles your original bet and your hand will be compared to the Dealer's.

How to Place a Bet:

  • First choose your chip size
  • Click inside the Betting or Bonus Circles to wager the selected chip
  • To reduce or remove a bet click the undo or clear buttons, or hold the space bar as you click inside the betting circle
  • Once you are happy with your bet, click the Deal button.

Winning with a Bonus Bet:

A Bonus Bet costs a fixed £1 and must be made before the cards are dealt. 70p of that £1 goes into the Game Jackpot, with winnings being paid from the same jackpot pool. Poker hands are paid out according to the following pay table:

Event Pays
Royal Flush 100% of Game Jackpot
Straight Flush 10% of Game Jackpot
Four of a Kind £500
Full House £100
Flush £75

Since the Bonus Bet is paid out before the dealer's hands are revealed, it isn't necessary for you to win the hand or even Raise to win on a Bonus Side bet.

Winning with a Poker Hand:

Once your hand is dealt and any Bonus money is paid out you can then choose whether to Fold or Raise your hand. At this point you can choose to Fold and lose your original, ante bet, or if you'd rather take on the Dealer you can choose to Raise them.

If you choose to Raise, you'll double your original bet and the dealer's hand will be revealed and compared to yours. If your hand is higher than the dealer's, you'll win according to the following pay table:

Event Pays (Odds to one)
Player wins with Royal Flush 100
Player wins with Straight Flush 50
Player wins with Four of a Kind 20
Player wins with Full House 7
Player wins with Flush 5
Player wins with Straight 4
Player wins with Three of a Kind 3
Player wins with Two Pair 2
Player wins with Pair or less 1

The Dealer's Hand Must Qualify:

But there's one, final, important rule: in order for your raised bet - and the pay table - to be taken into account the Dealer's hand must qualify. In order to qualify, the Dealer must hold at least an Ace and a King High Card. This means that if they haven't got a named poker hand - so they don't even hold a pair - they must have a King and an Ace.

If the dealer does qualify you'll win even money on the ante, and get paid a fixed odds amount on the raise (according to the pay table). If you raise and the Dealer's hand doesn't qualify, you'll win even money on your ante bet and have your Raise returned - no matter what cards you hold. In this way, you can beat the Dealer's hand even if you hold lower value cards.

Formal Game Rules:

This game is played over the Internet which is a communication medium that is known to be imperfect. Messages to or from your display device and the game servers may be lost or interrupted. If you have not commenced the game when you are disconnected, the game will not take place. If you have commenced the game when you are disconnected the game status will be recorded on the game servers and the bet will stand and the outcome will be reflected in your account status.

In the event a game is partway through when the disconnection occurs, attempting to reconnect should enable the game to recommence at the point at which disconnection occurred. If you have wagered and/or carried out any game interaction when you are disconnected, the result of that interaction will be recorded on the game servers and any bet(s) will stand and the outcome will be reflected in the game state and your account status. If a game cannot be recommenced in this way it is considered a malfunction.

In the event of disconnection the records stored on the game server shall be the final authority in determining the terms of any bets you have placed and the circumstances in which they were made.

Note that if you attempt to reconnect to a game after the last possible player interaction in a hand, you may not see the completion of the hand however your account balance will be updated to reflect the outcome. This is not considered a malfunction.

"Malfunction voids all pays and play" - in other words your bet and any outcome are void in the event of a malfunction.

In the event that these formal game rules contradict other information about the game these Game Rules shall take precedence. These Game Rules do not take precedence over the main Service Terms and Conditions.

Credits: The Caribbean STUD POKER game is an original Gamesys development. Copyright Gamesys Ltd, All Rights Reserved.


Return To Player (RTP)

Return To Player (RTP): 97.45%.

The expected return is the amount we pay out to players relative to the amount of wagering on the game.
For example, if we take £100 of wagers we will, on average, pay out £97.45 of wins.

This return is based on the player making the best choices.